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A Good Way To Quickly End Political Poll Telephone Calls?

It’s no secret that I pretty much hate telephone calls from anyone but family and friends. There are of course exceptions, doctor’s offices confirming appointments, employers, someone advising you that you won the lottery — that kind of thing.

Political Telephone Polls Although I dislike receiving calls from those political pollsters, I don’t dislike them as much as I do the telemarketers.

Sometimes, I’ll even have a little fun with these pollsters, but will usually refuse to donate my valuable time to their cause, which is probably profit-driven in one form or another.

Last evening the phone rang and the Caller ID displayed the name of an outfit called "Research Center," with a telephone number of 231-224-2031. This call was coming in on our business line, so, figuring it could be a potential customer, I picked up.

The young lady in the other end babbled something about a political poll and if I would like to participate. I was in a pretty good mood, so I figured I would play along for a change and see what kind if info they were looking for.

The first question was something like this:

In the upcoming Presidential election how would you rate the chances that you will go out and vote?

A. Very Unlikely
B. Somewhat Unlikely
C. Somewhat Likely
D. Likely
E. Very Likely

Well, taking into considering my views concerning the state of this nation and in particular, politicians in general, I told her my answer was "A. Very Unlikely."

At that point, she thanked me and said goodbye.

So, that may be a useful tip if you get one of these calls. If you want to end it quickly and politely, just pick that "A" answer and you’ll be all done. I suppose they simply are not interested in opinions from people who have no plans to vote.

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