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Auto Insurance: Mark Your Calendars

I’ve used this space to talk about the advantages of shopping around in the past. Some people shop around diligently and always make sure they are getting the best deal possible.

Me? I was never like that. It always seemed like too much of a hassle to be calling different retail outlets or businesses to see who was able to give me the best deal. The internet has taken a lot of the hassle out of shopping around, but the trusty old telephone still has its place.

For retail items you can do pretty well on the internet when you want to find the best deal on a given item. With auto insurance, I found the experience to be a little different.

This guy needs auto insurance When I became dissatisfied with my previous auto insurance company a few years ago, I actually made out pretty well by looking around the internet and filling out one of those quote forms that you see advertisements for all over the place. The problem I had was that the choices I was offered were pretty limited and I was able to get quotes for just three or four companies.

You can tell how fiercely competitive the automobile insurance business is just by watching a little bit of television. It does not seem that I can watch too long before seeing an advertisement for Geico, Progressive, State Farm, Amica or a host of other well-recognized names.

I also receive advertisements in the mail from the above companies on a fairly regular basis. I got one from Amica just a few days ago despite the fact that I signed up with them about two or three weeks ago! I guess it takes them a while to compare their customer and non-customer databases or something!

Anyway, to get more back to the point of this post, I would recommend that consumers call around or at least spend a little time on the internet comparing auto insurance rates every year or two. This recent switch to Amica was the second time I have been surprised by the amount of money I was able to save by switching companies.

The deal I got from Metropolitan a few years ago was a lot better than the one I had previous to that and it took a while to find a company that could match or beat them but I did.

And what’s really interesting is that the companies that constantly claim that they can save you money rarely can. At least that’s how it has worked out for me.

I consider myself a pretty hard sell. I’m skeptical and cynical to boot! I absolutely hate it when I feel like someone is trying to sell me something. Well, to Amica’s credit, it was their advertising that prompted me to call them when Metropolitan ticked me off enough to start me shopping around again.

I had remembered that the focus of their TV advertising was customer service and how they had received various awards for customer service.  Geico and Progressive beat the drum endlessly about how much money they can save for customers, but I have not personally found their rates competitive. However, it’s probably well worth checking with them if you are shopping around since insurance rates vary depending on a whole host of factors.

So, I gave Amica a call and had such a pleasant experience with the person I talked to that I started to believe their claims about superior customer service were genuine. To tell you the truth, it was such a pleasant experience talking to the Amica rep that I was really hoping the quote I was going to hear at the end of the call would be a good one because I wanted to sign up with them!

In the end it all worked out for the best since I was able to tell Metropolitan to take a hike and I got a nice quote from Amica, which I took advantage of.

Although I really appreciate my pleasant experience with Amica, my main concern is always price where auto insurance is concerned. However, when I decide to do some shopping around again in a year or two, it will probably take a pretty impressive savings to lure me away from a company that connects me to someone in my own state when I call their toll-free telephone number as opposed to a company that has shipped a bunch of jobs out of this country to some overseas call center.

Yeah, I know, ‘global economy’ and all that crap, but as long as I have a choice to do business with companies that keep jobs here, it will remain an important factor in my decision-making process when I am shopping around.

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