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Automated Millionaires Marketing System Phone Spam

There are thousands of scam artists with thousands – if not millions – of websites out there promoting various “systems” that they claim will make you rich. I normally don’t seek these websites out to write about them here, but when someone calls and leaves a message on my voicemail promoting a get-rich-quick scheme, I’m willing to go out of my way and take some time to share my opinion.

To give you an idea how much of this crap is now invading the voicemail boxes of consumers, I had a total of seven voicemail messages waiting for me. I admit I only check it once every couple of months since it’s the voicemail for my cell phone and I really don’t use it that much. It’s very unlikely anyone I actually want to talk to is calling me on my cell phone. In fact, most of the time my cell phone is shut off. I use it only when I go out somewhere. But it does get annoying when I turn it on and it starts beeping and says I have new voicemail messages that turn out to be from various people trying to sell me stuff. One guy calling himself “John Richards” even apologized twice for leaving the message on my voicemail. That and his charming southern twang just drained all the irritation right out of me!

Anyway, I didn’t get just one call from a woman calling herself “Li Ann,” I got two calls from her. What a treat! The call was obviously automated and featured “Li Ann” with her sales pitch that promised big bucks if I would just call the telephone number she left for me so I could get all the details of the “Automated Millionaires Marketing System.”

Even though she warned me that the recorded spiel I would have to listen to in order to get all the details was 15 minutes long, I decided to take the plunge and find out exactly what she was promoting. The number, for those who are curious, was 618-355-1902. What was a bit odd was that the first time she called she left me a different number, 618-355-1510 which did not seem to be in service any longer.

So, what’s “Li Ann” promoting? In a word an MLM system with varying amounts of internet marketing “training” thrown in depending on which level you decided on when you join up. At it’s most basic level, it sounded pretty much like typical MLM garbage. Your task would be to make annoying calls to people and try to sell them on the “Automated Millionaires Marketing System” just like “Li Ann” is doing.

The 15-minute pitch was full of all the usual crap you would expect to hear from someone pitching yet another get-rich-quick scheme. There was the usual “limited time offer” and “bonus” crap to create that sense of urgency on the part of the victim, er, I mean, potential member.

What really sickened me was the amount of money they want from people in order to get in on all the big money that’s being made by their other members. Uh huh.

There were six levels of membership available, each one promising more than the next lowest one of the lot. Even at the highest level, it sounded like a lot of internet marketing courses I’ve seen for sale for a lot less all over the internet and I’m willing to bet this stuff is no better than any of the others.

Here are the various membership levels and their price of entry:

  • “Bronze” membership for $695
  • “Silver” membership for $2,196
  • “Gold” membership for $3,697
  • “Platinum” membership for $6,748
  • “Diamond” membership for $12,298
  • “Elite” membership for $20,485

Selling some internet marketing course on line for $497 is one thing, but whoever is behind this “Automated Millionaires Marketing System” has some seriously big ones!

Quite frankly, it disgusts me to see people who are willing to try prying this kind of money out of people’s pockets. Especially in this economy! Naturally, the more you spend, the more they claim you will make.

My opinion is that this is just another get-rich-quick scam and unfortunately, some people are probably finding that out the hard way. And since “Li Ann” is obviously making a lot of phone calls in an effort to spread the word about this wonderful program, I figured I’d help her out.

People like “Li Ann” need to realize when they decide to start annoying people with telephone calls, some people aren’t going to like it and won’t be shy about sharing their opinions right here on the old interwebs for anyone to see.

By the way, all the stuff “Li Ann” was promising for the various levels of membership is quite likely information you can find online for free. There are numerous blogs written by successful internet marketers that have tons of useful information that can be put to good use by people who are motivated enough to follow through.

Between the blogs, YouTube videos and free courses available out there, you can learn all you need to know to get started making money online without forking over hundreds or thousands of dollars for yet another “system” that most people will probably never even implement after they shell out all that dough.

Hit the search engines and look for blogs or videos about making money online. After a while you’ll be able to tell the hucksters from the genuine folks who want to help people learn how to make money online. The information is out there and it won’t cost you anything beyond what you pay for your internet connection, all you have to do is go find it.

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