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Protecting Your Credit Score

While it’s difficult for me to write anything relating to credit scores without spending the majority of my time ranting and raving about the self-proclaimed guardians of all things credit (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax), it’s a sad fact of life that the average consumer must kowtow to these big companies if they want to be […]

Bank of America Pulls Out of UK Credit Card Biz

I must admit I was a bit puzzled when I came across this article that reveals Bank of America’s plans to exit the credit card business in the U.K. It seemed to fly in the face of my last posting which seems to indicate that the Big Banks are searching far and wide for new […]

Who Will They Loan Money To? I’m Starting To Get Some Ideas!

This is a follow-up on the last post, “The Future of Credit: Who Will They Lend Money To?” I have not forgotten about that post I originally made to this blog back in January. As the economy sinks deeper and deeper into recession, the big banks may be starting to show some signs of desperation. […]

The Future of Credit: Who Will They Lend Money To?

OK, this one is going to take a little explaining first. A short time ago I merged this blog with another one. In order to ease the process of merging the two I decided to let most of the original content on this blog be deleted and replaced with content from the other blog, which […]

Here They Come Again: Return of the Credit Card Offers

After all the trouble in the credit industry over the last couple of years, the offers I used to receive in the mail for credit cards almost every day pretty well dried up. The envelopes with “0% For A Year” and similar pitches simply stopped arriving in my mailbox. With big banks getting bailouts from […]

Credit Counselors Who Can’t Pay Their Own Credit Card Bills?

With the sad state if the economy these days, I’m seeing my share of ads on TV and online that tout the benefits of credit counseling services. I don’t know a whole lot about that industry, but I presume their stated intent is to assist consumers who want to reduce their debt and learn how […]

Woman Pays Court Fine With Stolen Credit Card

It’s not uncommon to hear stories about stupid criminals. There are even television programs devoted to the subject. I suppose it’s bad enough being exposed as a crook, and even worse for earning a reputation as a stupid crook. This description seems to fit Maria Elena Booker, a 40-year-old woman from Arizona who actually used […]

Closing Credit Card Account May Damage Your FICO Score

Now here’s something I had never heard of before. Who would have imagined that closing a credit card account could have a negative impact on your credit score? One would think it would be a positive move, since you certainly would not be using that card to rack up more debt. But, like the Wall […]

Scheming Weasels Calling From 516-881-1634

This may be only one of the number that these dirt bags are using, since I got a very similar call a few weeks ago from a different number. These idiots are some kind of debt consolidations outfit or something. It’s a robo-dialer with a recorded message that’s worded to make people think that their […]

Details of TJX Hacking Fiasco Come To Light

Law enforcement has managed to round up 11 criminals who were behind the massive computer hacking scheme that resulted in the theft of millions of credit and debit card numbers as well as other personal information from retail giant TJX. Back when I first learned about the scheme, I posted that TJX needed a good […]