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N.M.E. Replaces Pat Haines With E. Scanlon?

It came a bit later this year than last, but once again, N.M.E. or “National Magazine Exchange” has invaded my mailbox with the latest version of their deceptive mailings. And this time this important message comes to us not from our old friend Pat Haines, but from someone calling his or herself “E. Scanlon.” Although […]

Are NH’s Wild Critters a ‘Problem’ For You?

While watching Channel 9 News the other evening I saw one of those stories that I just have to comment about. This is a perfect example of the kind of story that can get me cursing and making obscene gestures towards the TV. The story is set in Hampton, NH, where cats and other small […]

Worrying About A Leaky Roof As A Tsunami Approaches

Living in New Hampshire, all the recent hubbub about small town police chiefs arresting illegal immigrants on charges of trespassing has me pondering the situation. If you are not sure what I am talking about, do a Google search and include the words: New Ipswich, Hudson and illegal and you’ll find all you ever wanted […]