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Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage and Their Obnoxious Sales Tactics

Unless you like pushy salespeople showing up at your door unannounced, you probably do not want to send anything in to this outfit requesting more information in response to the junk mail you receive from them. A week or so ago my wife received something in the mail from Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage and thought […]

Doctor Oz Goes After Fraudulent Advertisers

My wife is a big Dr. Oz fan. She’s been watching his show for a while and she never misses an episode. Although my wife and I seldom agree when it comes to what’s worth watching on TV, I do sit and watch the Dr. Oz show with her once in a while. What I […]

Ideal Tax Solution Strikes Again!

When we first discussed the fine folks at “Ideal Tax Solution,” it was right after my wife had received a notice in the mail that was obviously designed to create some alarm on her part and make her believe the IRS or some other government entity had levied a tax lien against her. My suspicion […]

Ideal Tax Solutions Sends Latest ‘Pink Nightmare’

It’s been a while since I’ve received anything in the mail that screams out for attention more than this latest “pink nightmare.” I encountered my first instance of this type of attention-getting tripe when I received a “OFFICAL NOTICE” from a sleazy outfit known as National Magazine Exchange some years ago. This time, however, the […]

Complimentary 8 Day Cruise–Yeah, Right!

It’s been a good long while since I’ve seen one of these, and with the lousy economy, I suppose it’s a good time to sucker people in to some sales pitch by dangling a “complimentary” cruise in front of them. I can’t help notice that it doesn’t say “Free” cruise since that’s a marketer’s favorite […]

‘Web Listings, Inc.’ Sends Tricky Mailing

I’ve got to say that I have never received an offer for SEO services via the U.S. Mail before. Technically, I still haven’t, but my wife has. She received what appeared to be a letter in the mail, which, in my opinion is a bit on the deceptive side. Although they do state clearly on […]

N.M.E. Replaces Pat Haines With E. Scanlon?

It came a bit later this year than last, but once again, N.M.E. or “National Magazine Exchange” has invaded my mailbox with the latest version of their deceptive mailings. And this time this important message comes to us not from our old friend Pat Haines, but from someone calling his or herself “E. Scanlon.” Although […]