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Don’t Be Tempted by Penny Stocks

I filter through a lot of news on the internet just about every day as I look for ideas on what I should be writing about. Sometimes I’m looking for news on a particular topic and a totally unrelated news item or article pops up, catches my attention and the next thing you know, that […]

Bot Net Used To Promote Pump-And-Dump Stock Scam

I’ve talked here about pump-and-dump stock scams as well as “bot nets” in the past, and this story combines these two subjects nicely and shows how computer hacking has evolved from an activity that was once practiced mostly by teenagers to impress their peers into a huge criminal enterprise where serious money is being made by […]

Texas Crook Sought In Penny Stock Scam

I guess being a crook is just in some people’s blood or something. That appears to be the case for a Houston criminal by the name of Harris Dempsey ”Butch” Ballow. Out on bail and already in trouble for allegedly being involved in a stock market scam, Ballow is now accused of cooking up another […]

Penny Stock Crap Flood Continutes

They really are pumping PPTL up like crazy. Some scumbags(s) must really need to unload a boatload of this stock in a big way. I received four seperate spam messages on this stock yesterday, and those are just the ones that made it through the spam filters, so I suspect there were probably more that […]

More Penny Stock Spam – NPYC And PPTL

The latest penny stock pump-and-dump spam to hit both my e-mail in-box and my “real” mailbox are for two penny stocks with the symbols NPYC and PPTL. NPYC was touted by the usual postcard-type mailer that arrived here a couple of weeks ago (click for larger images): As you can see from the chart below […]

Investment Advisors Just Won’t Quit

There seems to be an almost limitless supply of “investment advisors” sending me e-mail lately. I am seeing these penny stock spam-scam messages seem to be arriving more frequently and the losers that are trying to pump up GAPJ stock must be getting worried since the stock is has just been floundering around and doing […]

Investment Advisors Coming Out of The Woodwork

The stock spam-scam messages are continuing at a pace I have not seen for quite a while. The losers sending out the GAPJ “alerts” must be getting quite desperate since I am receiving them almost daily and the stock continues to do nothing except hold or drop a little. I hope they lose their shirts! […]

Two More Pump-And-Dumpers

Here are the latest two pump-and-dump stock scam e-mail mesages I have received. The first is for a company called Phinder Technologies, Inc. (PHDTF). I happened to check the chart to see just how hard this stock ran Monday (yesterday), and was very surprised (NOT!) to see that the only direction it ran in was […]

More GAPJ Spam – A Sign of A Desperate Pump-And-Dumper?

I received yet another e-mail message pumping the GAPJ stock today. That is about the fourth message I have received for this stock in just the last few days. I am wondering if this is a sign of a pump-and-dump scammer that has become desperate to move this stock up so that they or the […]

Pearls of Wisdom From A “Senior Investment Advisor”

Imagine my amazement to discover that I had been fortunate enough to receive another fabulous stock tip from esteemed Senior Investment Advisor Estelle Jackson. Can there be any doubt that her word is as good as money in the bank? But wait! Something here just does not seem quite right. Here is her latest stock […]