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Never Trust The Cloud. A Cautionary Tale.

The cloud is where it’s at, baby. That’s what big tech companies like Apple and Microsoft would like everyone to believe. Sure, there are advantages to putting your stuff in the cloud, like not losing it if your phone is lost or stolen, or your laptop hard drive crashes. Now that one of the largest […]

Yeah, They’re Watching

Not much of the content in this article from the Los Angeles Times surprised me, but it did serve as a nice reminder of the massive surveillance grid that has grown steadily over the years thanks to our addiction to electronic devices and all the fun and convenience they bring to our lives. First off […]

Facebook Claims User Tracking Was Accidental

Are you getting the feeling lately that you are being watched these days? Recently there were reports that said General Motors’ OnStar service was tracking motorists and now we have a new report that says Facebook has been tracking its users as they visit other websites around the internet. A security researcher (gotta love those […]