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Now why did you have to go and do that, Costco?

Pretty much my whole family has had a bit of a love affair with Costco for quite a while. For those not familiar, it’s a chain of those big warehouse-type stores where you can buy things in bulk. In most cases, the prices are pretty good and the quality of the products is excellent. However, […]

Putnam Investments: Would You Want Your Money There?

I’ll tell you one thing right off the bat, I wouldn’t! I recently had a conversation with a source inside the company and I was told something that has me seeing red. I’ve heard stories of companies treating their employees like crap before, but this one takes the cake! We’re talking about a dozen or […]

Stickers, Stickers Everywhere!

I wonder who had the big idea to put a little sticker on each and every vegetable or piece of fruit in the supermarket. Sure, I am exaggerating a little, since there are probably still some produce items that are not individually labeled, but probably not many! I see this kinds of stickers regularly on […]