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Credit Union To Introduce Cool New Feature

Was I ever surprised to open my most recent statement from my credit union and find an insert in there that announces something they are calling “PC Deposit.” Sounds kind of interesting doesn’t it? Well, it is!

What this new service allows is for customers to deposit checks electronically. The customer takes a regular old paper check and then uses a scanner to capture the image of the check (both sides) and then e-mail the captured image to the credit union where they will credit your account with the deposit with 24 hours.

How cool is that? This will be an immensely useful service for me because I tend to get paper checks mailed to me from various companies I do business with. After years of being an employee in the corporate world and being very accustomed to direct deposit I have really started to hate paper checks.

I have to give my credit union more credit because they have always supplied me with deposit slips and postage-paid envelopes to make deposits easier and since there is no branch office for the credit union near me, the only real convenient way for me to deposit checks is through the mail.

Although it is not too painful to make deposits by mail, what is a pain is that it usually takes about 4 or 5 days for the check to be credited to my account after I drop it in the mail. There are times I am waiting for a specific check for a specific purpose I have in mind and then I have to wait days for the check to be credited to my account and that tends to hold up my plans which are oftentimes a bit time-sensitive.

I also worry a bit about the checks being lost in the mail so I often go up to the post office to drop larger checks there just to take the local mail carrier out of the equation. I figure the more people that handle it, the more the chances of it getting lost or stolen increase. I won’t miss having to do that.

This new service has not been implemented yet but the credit union insert says “Coming Soon,” so I hope they really mean it. I’m very excited about this new service and it will take a lot of the stress out of dealing with those paper checks I have come to hate so much.

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