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Debt Collectors Now Offering Gifts?

That appears to be the case. I cannot say exactly how I came to possess this particular piece of mail, but all I will say is that it was not addressed to me. Yeah, the economy has been lousy for a while, and we’ve certainly not been living the high life, but we have not quite reached this point yet.

I did think it was rather extraordinary to discover that debt collection agencies are actually offering people gifts to settle their debts. This was new to me and I thought it was worth sharing.

Maybe this is old news, but it made me wonder if these are the new extreme measures collection agencies are taking to collect debts. Is that how bad this economy is now?

Pay your debt and we’ll send you a free gift! Wow.

Anyway, check out the lovely letter and free gift catalog that RJM Acquisitions LLC sent – complete with postage-paid return envelope!

Who knew debt collectors could be so nice?

(Click each image for the larger view)

RJM Letter 1 RJM Letter 2 

RJM Catalog 1RJM Catalog 2 RJM Catalog 3 RJM Catalog 4

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