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How Not To Run A Business

If you have read my entry here from August 10 about the vitamin company that I will no longer be doing business with, you might find this update interesting.

You may recall that I sent them an e-mail message informing that I will no longer be doing business with them and why. Up until today I had not received a reply. Well, today I received a message from them, but I would not call it a reply.

Today I received what was obviously an automated message asking me if I would go to their web site and fill out a survey regarding what I thought of the service I received. No, this message was not a response to my e-mail message. It was the standard automated message that is programmed to be sent out a certain number of days after you have placed your order.

I view this as an excellent example of how not to run a business. I took the time to send them a personal e-mail message telling them exactly what I thought of there service a day or two after I placed my order. Instead of receiving a reply to my message, I get the standard, automated “tell us what you think of our service” message.

That pretty much tells me what they do with the information they do get from people who take the time to share their opinion with them. Apparently, they simply ignore it. Just like they ignored my e-mail message them. I guess they just want to put on a good front with their surveys to make people think they actually care about customer service when they obviously do not.

This just confirms my decision to stop doing business with them. I don’t know exactly how big a company this vitamin outfit is, but they surely give me the impression that they are a large, impersonal corporate entity that cares only about the bottom line and good customer service be damned. As long as the profits are holding the line, everything is just fine.

As someone who runs an online business or two myself, I see this is as a perfect example of the way I never want to run my business.

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