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‘Kings of Irritation’ Call From 202-747-3647

Telemarketing calls to my home phone are bad enough, but when idiots start calling my cell phone and leaving pre-recorded messages for their stupid get-rich-quick “systems” on my voicemail, that takes the irritation to a whole new level.

They call themselves the “Kings of Automation,” and if their website is any indication, it’s just another couple of idiots selling the dream of wealth and riches to those unfortunate enough to fall for their unoriginal load of crap.

The website looks like about a million other sites out there that are pitching similar “systems.” It shows the two idiots standing amidst images of fancy cars, expensive houses, piles of cash, yachts and palm trees. It’s exactly what it sounds like: A big stinking pile of crap.kings

These guys may actually be doing well, and for all I know maybe they do have fancy cars and all the rest of it. The problem is that they made their fortunes by selling wildly-overpriced “systems” to people who are probably desperate to make money. What a lovely thing for them to do in this economy: Sell people expensive systems that they will probably never do anything with, and probably won’t work if they tried.

The website the idiot that called me was pushing was, which redirected to the “Kings of Automation” site, so the moron that was responsible for the call to my cell phone was probably an affiliate who will get paid if he steers a buyer into the cesspool of super-hyped content that is The caller indentified himself as “Christian and Ray” so apparently to two “kings” provide prerecorded spiels for their affiliates to use in their “phone spam” campaigns.

I briefly followed along with the “tour” of the site and I don’t think I’ve seen a more disgraceful amount of hype and just plain crap on one site in a long time. These guys are hard core, and in my ever so humble opinion, they look like the poster boys for the kind of stuff the FTC should be taking a hard look at.

The question always lingers: If their system is so fantastic and can make you so rich, why don’t they just keep quiet about it and rake in the cash for themselves. Reminds me of that old saying: “Those who can do and those who can’t teach.”

I could only stomach reading bits and pieces of content from their site, but it appears that are offering a “service” where they set up a website for their victi… I mean customers, and then supposedly market the site and drive traffic to it so people can buy stuff and make you tons of money.

There are various levels to buy into this “system” on, the lowest being an “amazing” value at “just” $500, with other “levels” priced at $1,500 and $3,500. The wording of their long-winded telephone sales pitch was a little confusing regarding the pricing, but that’s how I understood it.

Unlike many of these other get-rich-quick sites, these clowns don’t appear to offer an option to order their “system” online. It appears you must request a call back from them, no doubt so they can get you on the phone with one of their slick sales people who will put the hard sell on you.

In closing let me say this. There are ways to make good money on the internet. The key is hard work and perseverance. The best part is that all the information you need – unlike the crap these idiots are selling – is on the internet for free. There are countless blogs about making money online with loads of free information on how it can be done.

To simplify things, and keep you from spending hours searching for the good websites and blogs out there, I’m going to recommend the “30 Day Challenge.”

The guy that runs the 30DC, as they like to call it, is an Australian fellow named Ed Dale. Ed’s a pretty smart marketer and knows how to make money online.

Here’s the best part: The “30 Day Challenge” is 100% FREE. It’s packed with great info and won’t cost you a dime! I should also mention that I do not get a commission or any other compensation for recommending the 30DC. It’s just a great way for people to learn how to make money online, and I think people deserve to know about it and avoid forking over thousands to idiots like the “Kings of Automation.”

Check out the “30 Day Challenge” by clicking HERE.

I’m filing a complaint with the FCC since my cell phone is listed in the “Do Not Call” list and these clowns broke the law (and worse yet, annoyed me!) when they called my phone. I would encourage others to do the same by visiting:

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