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Latest Annoying Idiots: Info Specialist (952-277-0189)

I didn’t realize how annoying unwanted calls are until I was accustomed to getting almost none of them since I signed onto the “Do Not Call” list a few years ago. It was so quiet for quite a while.

This year my “friends” at CitiMortgage were most likely to blame for a bunch of telemarketing calls I received. Their “partners” called me a few times which I did not appreciate. Even getting me down off a ladder one day to answer the phone. Yes, literally!

As I mentioned before, the latest group of idiots calling me are these political pollster nitwits. With all the attention that we get here in New Hampshire every four years with the nation’s first Presidential Primary, we are a big target for pollsters.

I actually picked up one of these calls a couple of weeks ago and when asked about participating in a poll, I asked the caller if I was going to be paid or at least receive some kind of free gift for my time. The woman and I exchanged a few good-natured comments back and forth and laughed about it but ultimately I told her my time was too valuable and said goodbye.

A few nights later a call came in that read “Info Specialist” on the Caller ID with a telephone number of 952-277-0189. It was 7:38 in the evening and I was watching a little TV and as usual, I did not get up to answer a call that was most likely someone that wanted to waste my time.

Three days later a call came in from the same number at around 4:45 PM. Again, I did not bother answering it. When it rang again at 8:54 PM on that same day, I decided to try something.

I picked the phone up and just set it down on the desk. I did not say “Hello” or anything at all. I just set the receiver down and went about my business. After a couple of minutes I hung it back up, figuring that the person on the other end got sick of saying “Hello, is anyone there?” and hung up.

The good news is that it has been three days and I have not heard from these people again so far. They seemed pretty persistent at the outset, so I am hoping this latest tactic gave someone the message that I don’t want to talk to them and they crossed my number of their list of people to annoy.

It’s way too early to declare victory, so we’ll see what happens in the coming weeks. Hopefully, the crap will die down after the primary on January 8.


Comment from Bob
Posted: November 26, 2019 at 12:02 pm

It’s November 2019 and I just received an equally confusing call from that 952-270-0189 number, which also showed up on my caller ID as “INFO SPECIALIST”:
“Hey, is A-yo available?”
“Is A-yo available?”
I hung up.

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