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More Penny Stock Spam – NPYC And PPTL

The latest penny stock pump-and-dump spam to hit both my e-mail in-box and my “real” mailbox are for two penny stocks with the symbols NPYC and PPTL.

NPYC was touted by the usual postcard-type mailer that arrived here a couple of weeks ago (click for larger images):

npyc_1.jpg npyc_2.jpgnpyc_3.jpg

As you can see from the chart below from, this stock is doing pretty much what you would expect. Not quite soaring to the moon as the scammers would have you believe.

That spike from 20 to 30 cents may have been the “pump” back around the beginning of the month. You can be sure these scammers and those they were working for dumped during that spike, and although a 10-cent gain may not sound like much, it adds up quite nicely when you own millions for shares.


The next stock that is being pumped is for PPTL and I was lucky enough to receive two spam e-mail messages for this one yesterday. Might be fun to take a look at the chart in a couple of weeks or so.

Notice how they mangle the stock symbol in the e-mail message so they have a better chance of slipping it by spam filters that may be programmed to look for this kind of crap:

From: Lupe Hicks []
Sent: Friday, May 19, 2006 6:34 PM
Subject: Is it a “Penny Stock Payday”?

Act fast on this one! A Massive PR Campaign is underway for Friday and all next week! Get in early at only two cents!

Premium Petroleum Inc. – sym:|p) _ |p)-|t| _ |L| – is a diversified energy company focused on exploiting the vast oil and gas reserves of Northern Canada.

Oil production in Alberta, Canada is up 61% percent over the past four years, now producing roughly equal to the production of Texas. And is expected to more then double in the next few years. This company is making moves in this region expect some really big news soon.

Now is the time to grab some of Premium Petroleum Inc. we expect some very nice gains starting friday into next week!
Act fast!

[Posted with absolutely NO permission from the low-life, sub-human scumbags that sent it]

Update: They are pushing PTTL pretty hard. Minutes after I posted this, I received two more e-mail messages that mimic the one above.

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