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Pearls of Wisdom From A “Senior Investment Advisor”

Imagine my amazement to discover that I had been fortunate enough to receive another fabulous stock tip from esteemed Senior Investment Advisor Estelle Jackson. Can there be any doubt that her word is as good as money in the bank?

But wait! Something here just does not seem quite right. Here is her latest stock pick that she was kind enough to deliver to my e-mail inbox just today:

stock pick gapj again

Yes, something does seem a little strange. I do believe another super-star stock picker had advised me to purchase this very stock not long ago!

Yes! I received an alert for this stock less than two weeks ago here. Although this may come as a surprise to my readers, this very stock, GAPJ, was “Extremely Undervalued” at that time and was given a “short term price target” of $3.75 and was rated a “Strong Buy” with a “300%+ Profit Potential Short Term!”

My goodness, how could this stock go anywhere but up with all it had going for it?

Well, as you can see, when I received the first alert for this stock it was trading for $1.20.

And what do I see on this most recent alert? It is now trading for just $1.04? Don’t dispair! You can see that the current “Projection 12 to 18 Days” is still $3.75!

I suppose, since the stock has done nothing but drop in price in the 12 or so days since their last “short term price target” of $3.75, we can reasonably expect that this baby is ready to take off like a rocket ship to the moon, right?

The sad reality of the situation is that this is exactly what you can expect if you fall for scams like these penny stock alert spam messages.

How do you suppose the investors who fell for that first message (and bought the stock) are feeling now?

Well, here’s a daily chart of GAPJ since the beginning of the month that should give you a good idea (the line that is black and red is the one that represents the stock’s price):

gapj stock chart

(Above chart from which is a pretty cool place to get stock charts.)

I think the chart pretty much says it all. Yeah, it’s a real winner for sure!

Oh, and here’s the other peice of penny stock scam-spam I received today. Another winner, you can be sure!

penny stock swnm

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