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Penny Stock Crap Flood Continutes

They really are pumping PPTL up like crazy. Some scumbags(s) must really need to unload a boatload of this stock in a big way.

I received four seperate spam messages on this stock yesterday, and those are just the ones that made it through the spam filters, so I suspect there were probably more that did not make it.

Here is one of them (they all look pretty much the same):

From: Stefanie Askew []
Sent: Monday, May 22, 2006 1:00 AM
To: Polaire
Subject: Dianne a gallium

Get PPTL First Thing Today, This Is Going To Blow Up!

Check out for HOT NEWS!!!


CurrentPrice .021 GET IT N0W!

GET in now for over 330 percent potential Gain

There is a Big PR Campaign starting this week And it will go all week so it would be best to get in NOW.

Premium is set to exploit petroleum and natural gas reserves in an environment of unprecedented commodity prices and under the guidance of a highly qualified management and technical team.

Press Release Source: Premium Petroleum, Inc.
Premium Petroleum, Inc. Adds Senior Petroleum Landman to its Management Team Monday May 14, 0:55 pm ET

CALGARY, ALBERTA (MARKET WIRE) May 12, 2006 Premium Petroleum Inc.
(Other OTC:PPTL.PK – News) is pleased to announce the appointment of Tom Walton, B.Com.
as the company’s Petroleum Landman, and also as an Advisory Board member.
With over 37 years of industry experience, and more than 99 clients, Tom has negotiated over $2 billion in acquisitions and mergers in the oil patch.

The Company will be looking to Mr. Walton to advise and manage the legal documentation as needed to assist the Company in its exploration and development projects, acquisition opportunities, joint ventures, and grass roots land assembly opportunities in accordance with the stated objectives set out by the Company.

This mailing was sent out by a third party which is inno way affiliated with Premium Petroleum Inc make some more suitable and fortunate provision for him in this country and looking round upon us generally from the time when my deallocate and himself were chil Do not be alarmed by what I say Suzette but in this state I saw him earnestness one day or other My wonder is that you are not in earnest yourself

Not surprisingly, this stock has done essentially nothing so far.

I expect I’ll see a few more of these messages before they give up on it and move an to pump the next penny stock on their list.

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