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Pipeline Data/Secure Pay Continue To Suck

Since my nightmarish experience with merchant account services from Pipeline Data/Secure Pay/Whatever-other-names-they-use, I have decided to keep an eye on any news regarding the company (companies?) and also watch for any other tidbits that show up from other customers.

I do not easily forget experiences like the one I endured during my association with that outfit ‘ and even well after I thought it was over!

As some readers may recall, these idiots caused me more than my share of grief. Most recently siccing a collection agency on me over a a debt that I did not owe.

In fact, the reality of it is that, technically, they owe me $30 for trying to withdraw money from my business bank account over a year ago, which due to ‘insufficient funds’ in the account, resulted in a $30 penalty from the bank.

The money they were trying to withdraw was money that was not owed to them, and was attempted after I had already been told that I did not owe them any money, and that no other attempts to withdraw money from my account would be made.

An absolutely incredible demonstration of incompetence.

Anyway, the whole story has been covered in-depth here already, so I’ll get straight to the new business.

I came across a post in a forum from another unfortunate customer of ‘Secure Pay,’ who is apparently having problems integrating their payment system into her website. No big surprise.

You can read about her wonderful experience here.

I’m sure you can imagine what kind of advice I might offer to her. I’ve said it before and will gladly say it again.

My advice is to stay as far away from Pipeline Data/Secure Pay as possible. I cannot imagine a worse choice for someone who is shopping for a merchant account.

If I ever hear a single word from Pipeline Data, Secure Pay or collection agency weasels working for them again regarding any more fictitious debts, the next contact they will have with me will be in a court of law, because I will hire a lawyer and vigorously explore all of my legal options. That’s a promise.

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