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Scheming Weasels Calling From 516-881-1634

This may be only one of the number that these dirt bags are using, since I got a very similar call a few weeks ago from a different number.

These idiots are some kind of debt consolidations outfit or something. It’s a robo-dialer with a recorded message that’s worded to make people think that their credit card interest rate is about to go up.

They try to make it sound like it is one of your credit card companies calling, but the tip-off is that they never mention a company name. Obviously, if you had a Chase MasterCard, you’d expect to say something like, “Hi, this is Ashley calling from Chase MasterCard” or something.

A little searching around the net revealed a good number of people who have also received these calls and that the people on the other end are pretty rude and arrogant if you manage to get through to them.

Could be a “legitimate” debt consolidations company that uses slimy telemarketing tactics or could be criminals fishing for credit card info. My caller ID said “Wireless Caller” which I find a bit unusual coming from a company making calls like that, so I’m leaning towards criminals myself.

Don’t be taken in by crap like this. Pay attention to how they word things. They may avoid using any names like Visa or MasterCard for legal reasons, since that might bring big guns to bear on them. Scum like this likes to stay hidden in the shadows for obvious reasons.

If you get any call from someone about credit card interest and how you can stop if from going up, just hang up on them. Make sure you know who you are talking to before giving out any personal information. If you are not sure, you can tell them you will call them back and then you can verify that the number actually belongs to your credit card company or bank.

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