Social Security Number Suspension

I have heard of this ridiculous scam before but this is the first time I have had any experience with it. This is the transcript of the voicemail message I received today:

This call is to inform you about a suspension notice we have received against your social security number by the federal crime and investigation department. We need to talk to you as soon as possible. Again, this call is from Social Security Administration number to reach the department is 986-200-0682. I repeat, it’s 986-200-0682. Thank you.

The voice of the caller was one of those computer-generated voices, which tells me that the people behind this are probably not too confident about their ability to speak English and are probably not located in the United States. Even so, the way they worded the message leaves much to be desired and I would still suspect it was concocted by someone who is not a native speaker of English.

While many of us would recognize the ridiculousness of a scam like this right away and perhaps even laugh at the idiots that engineered it, it is important to know that there are vulnerable people who could be duped by this. Many elderly people may be at risk of falling for something like this because they could be suffering from some cognitive decline such as dementia.

For those of us still blessed with the ability to think clearly, this is obviously a scam for at least two reasons:

A “suspension” of a Social Security number is something I have never in my life heard of and probably does not exist.

The “federal crime and investigation department” does not exist.

Although this isn’t a complete show stopper, I doubt vey much that any telephone number having anything to do with the Federal Government would not have an Idaho area code.

It’s amazing to me that there are human beings on this planet willing to cause harm to others this way for their own benefit. Sometimes, even though I surely doubt  it, I hope that there is final justice in some form of afterlife for scum like this.






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