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Bank of America Backs Down

Although it has not been officially reported by the company, a Wall Street Journal report says that Bank of America had decided to drop its plans to impose a $5-per-month fee on customers for using their debit cards. A $5-per-month fee may not sound like a large amount and many customers may just shrug it […]

Bank of America Pulls Out of UK Credit Card Biz

I must admit I was a bit puzzled when I came across this article that reveals Bank of America’s plans to exit the credit card business in the U.K. It seemed to fly in the face of my last posting which seems to indicate that the Big Banks are searching far and wide for new […]

Credit Counselors Who Can’t Pay Their Own Credit Card Bills?

With the sad state if the economy these days, I’m seeing my share of ads on TV and online that tout the benefits of credit counseling services. I don’t know a whole lot about that industry, but I presume their stated intent is to assist consumers who want to reduce their debt and learn how […]