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Integrity Financial Partners Barking Up The Wrong Tree (866-951-8055)

Ever since I decided to get my own cell phone and give the one that we shared to my wife for her exclusive use, I’ve been getting strange calls. Actually, they all end up being strange voicemail messages, since I very rarely use my cell phone. and it spends the vast majority of its time […]

Pipeline Data/Secure Pay Continue To Suck

Since my nightmarish experience with merchant account services from Pipeline Data/Secure Pay/Whatever-other-names-they-use, I have decided to keep an eye on any news regarding the company (companies?) and also watch for any other tidbits that show up from other customers. I do not easily forget experiences like the one I endured during my association with that […]

Pipeline Data: The Thing That Wouldn’t Die!

Pipeline. I suppose when most people hear that word they tend to think of things like the oil and gas pipelines that carry so much of the fuel that currently keeps human existence ‘ as we know it ‘ running from day to day. One might also think of things like the pipelines that carry […]