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Protecting Your Credit Score

While it’s difficult for me to write anything relating to credit scores without spending the majority of my time ranting and raving about the self-proclaimed guardians of all things credit (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax), it’s a sad fact of life that the average consumer must kowtow to these big companies if they want to be […]

The Future of Credit: Who Will They Lend Money To?

OK, this one is going to take a little explaining first. A short time ago I merged this blog with another one. In order to ease the process of merging the two I decided to let most of the original content on this blog be deleted and replaced with content from the other blog, which […]

Closing Credit Card Account May Damage Your FICO Score

Now here’s something I had never heard of before. Who would have imagined that closing a credit card account could have a negative impact on your credit score? One would think it would be a positive move, since you certainly would not be using that card to rack up more debt. But, like the Wall […]