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Bank of America Backs Down

Although it has not been officially reported by the company, a Wall Street Journal report says that Bank of America had decided to drop its plans to impose a $5-per-month fee on customers for using their debit cards. A $5-per-month fee may not sound like a large amount and many customers may just shrug it […]

Occupy The Credit Unions!

Before you jump to conclusions and assume that headline has anything to do with the current “Occupy” protests, hang on a second and see what I’m talking about. I’m actually suggesting that you “occupy” your local credit union with your money! In other words, if you are doing your banking through a traditional bank, I […]

Credit Union To Introduce Cool New Feature

Was I ever surprised to open my most recent statement from my credit union and find an insert in there that announces something they are calling “PC Deposit.” Sounds kind of interesting doesn’t it? Well, it is! What this new service allows is for customers to deposit checks electronically. The customer takes a regular old […]