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Never Trust The Cloud. A Cautionary Tale.

The cloud is where it’s at, baby. That’s what big tech companies like Apple and Microsoft would like everyone to believe. Sure, there are advantages to putting your stuff in the cloud, like not losing it if your phone is lost or stolen, or your laptop hard drive crashes. Now that one of the largest […]

AT&T Throttles Data For Heaviest Phone Users

“That’s so twenty-seven seconds ago,” says the annoying football fan in that annoying AT&T commercial touting the “blazing fast speed” of their 4G LTE phones. The problem with all that bragging is that some users may be best served by limiting their surfing to bland, text-only web pages like this one. AT&T customers whom the […]

GM’s OnStar Snooping on Motorists?

Many of us have seen the advertisements on television. A motorist driving a General Motors vehicle is involved in an accident and the OnStar system automatically notifies OnStar operators who are able to call emergency services and provide them with the information they need to come to the rescue. The system also boasts other capabilities […]