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Don’t Surf The Web Unprotected

I can almost guarantee that you are going to end up with some nasties (malware) on your computer if you don’t take the time to add extra security measures to your browser programs. The most popular browsers are probably Firefox and Internet Explorer these days. Since Internet Explorer is the browser that comes pre-installed on […]

Details of TJX Hacking Fiasco Come To Light

Law enforcement has managed to round up 11 criminals who were behind the massive computer hacking scheme that resulted in the theft of millions of credit and debit card numbers as well as other personal information from retail giant TJX. Back when I first learned about the scheme, I posted that TJX needed a good […]

Serious Internet Bug Causes Concern

News has been coming out on some of the big media sites (see CNN) about a serious flaw that allows hackers to control how traffic is routed on the internet. I’m not sure what took the media so long to catch this story, but this is something that has been known for a while, and […]