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I Don’t Want Your Stinking App!

I may have been a bit behind-the-times since I started using a phone to browse the internet just two years ago. I still prefer my PC when it comes to doing just about anything, but I can’t deny the usefulness of being able to access the net just about anywhere I can get cell service. […]

AT&T Throttles Data For Heaviest Phone Users

“That’s so twenty-seven seconds ago,” says the annoying football fan in that annoying AT&T commercial touting the “blazing fast speed” of their 4G LTE phones. The problem with all that bragging is that some users may be best served by limiting their surfing to bland, text-only web pages like this one. AT&T customers whom the […]

Yeah, They’re Watching

Not much of the content in this article from the Los Angeles Times surprised me, but it did serve as a nice reminder of the massive surveillance grid that has grown steadily over the years thanks to our addiction to electronic devices and all the fun and convenience they bring to our lives. First off […]