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Don’t Surf The Web Unprotected

I can almost guarantee that you are going to end up with some nasties (malware) on your computer if you don’t take the time to add extra security measures to your browser programs. The most popular browsers are probably Firefox and Internet Explorer these days. Since Internet Explorer is the browser that comes pre-installed on […]

That E-Mail Message May Not Be From Your Friend

It’s getting to the point where you can’t even trust e-mail messages from your friends – or perhaps I should say messages that appear to be from your friends. Malware that collects e-mail addresses from victim’s address books has been around a while now and it was often used to spread malware from one victim […]

German Authorities Warn of Nasty New Online Banking Malware

I’ve got to admit it. I love online banking. The days of writing paper checks and licking stamps seems to be far behind us and it’s a good bet that a whole lot of consumers don’t miss those days! As is often the case, with the good comes some bad. Cyber criminals seem to be […]