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Rental Scams Still Popular With Online Criminals

The type of scam I want to talk about today has been around a while, but it may be starting to pop up a bit more again lately since it is making news in places like Reno, Nevada. Here’s how it works: Some criminal (usually overseas) locates a legitimate advertisement for a rental property on […]

Now why did you have to go and do that, Costco?

Pretty much my whole family has had a bit of a love affair with Costco for quite a while. For those not familiar, it’s a chain of those big warehouse-type stores where you can buy things in bulk. In most cases, the prices are pretty good and the quality of the products is excellent. However, […]

Overseas Call Centers

I know I’ve talked a bit about overseas call centers in the past, and voiced my displeasure about dealing with them, but I wanted to cover the issue more in-depth this time. I’d also like to lay to rest any notion that I am a racist or bigot and don’t like people from other countries. […]