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Don’t Be Tempted by Penny Stocks

I filter through a lot of news on the internet just about every day as I look for ideas on what I should be writing about. Sometimes I’m looking for news on a particular topic and a totally unrelated news item or article pops up, catches my attention and the next thing you know, that […]

That E-Mail Message May Not Be From Your Friend

It’s getting to the point where you can’t even trust e-mail messages from your friends – or perhaps I should say messages that appear to be from your friends. Malware that collects e-mail addresses from victim’s address books has been around a while now and it was often used to spread malware from one victim […]

Scam Artists Target the Unemployed

When it comes to scam artists and cybercrooks, it’s hard to imagine just how low these scumbags will stoop to bilk money from others. A TV station in Ohio is reporting on scams that take advantage of people who are out of work. The scam artists place ads in newspapers or online classified websites that […]

Rental Scams Still Popular With Online Criminals

The type of scam I want to talk about today has been around a while, but it may be starting to pop up a bit more again lately since it is making news in places like Reno, Nevada. Here’s how it works: Some criminal (usually overseas) locates a legitimate advertisement for a rental property on […] Idiots Call From 206-888-2303

Perhaps regular old spam just isn’t working as well as it once did. I recently heard about a Russian mega-spammer getting arrested, so maybe it is becoming harder for shysters like the ones behind to find professional spammers to do their bidding. Well, never fear scammers and shysters! We’ve still got the trusty old […]

Scheming Weasels Calling From 516-881-1634

This may be only one of the number that these dirt bags are using, since I got a very similar call a few weeks ago from a different number. These idiots are some kind of debt consolidations outfit or something. It’s a robo-dialer with a recorded message that’s worded to make people think that their […]

Small Online Businesses Beware of Scammers

[Recipients of these messages originating from addresses can report these abuses to or which may result in the termination of their account] As I’ve mentioned before, we have a small retail business where we sell hobby-related products through a website. It’s not a big money-maker, but it does offer some nice additional […]