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Hey Text’nDrive, Quit The Spamming Will Ya?

I’m quite accustomed to seeing the little advertisements at the end of e-mail messages I get from various folks who use either a free e-mail service or one that they pay for that is obnoxious enough to include these advertisements in each e-mail message that their customers send. For example, our real estate agent carries […]

Don’t Be Tempted by Penny Stocks

I filter through a lot of news on the internet just about every day as I look for ideas on what I should be writing about. Sometimes I’m looking for news on a particular topic and a totally unrelated news item or article pops up, catches my attention and the next thing you know, that […]

Spammers Push Anti-Virus Software via Skype Calls

This one is breaking new ground in the world of telemarketing. Or should I call it spam? I’m a bit uncertain about this one since it is a voice message that’s delivered to unlucky users of the popular Skype voice/video messaging service. Any internet user who has received their share of spam has probably seen […]