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New Weapons To Fight Telemarketing Calls Coming?

Apparently the honchos at the Federal Communications Commission have been so deluged with complaints from consumers about telemarketing calls that they finally decided to do something about it. I will remain skeptical until I see some good come out of this new development but it looks like it may be a step in the right […]

What Happened To The ‘Do Not Call’ List?

I recall back around 2005 when I was working for a company that was involved in sales. There was no telemarketing involved but we did have to call a potential client once in a while when they called the office after hours and left a message. It was drilled into our heads that we had […]

Spammers Push Anti-Virus Software via Skype Calls

This one is breaking new ground in the world of telemarketing. Or should I call it spam? I’m a bit uncertain about this one since it is a voice message that’s delivered to unlucky users of the popular Skype voice/video messaging service. Any internet user who has received their share of spam has probably seen […]

‘Kings of Irritation’ Call From 202-747-3647

Telemarketing calls to my home phone are bad enough, but when idiots start calling my cell phone and leaving pre-recorded messages for their stupid get-rich-quick “systems” on my voicemail, that takes the irritation to a whole new level. They call themselves the “Kings of Automation,” and if their website is any indication, it’s just another […]

Another One: 561-962-0988 – FBK Products

Well, it seems as if the telephone is getting a bit busier these days. Hey, maybe it’s a sign that the economy is picking up and these obnoxious telemarketers are a barometer! They’ve got to pay these rude morons something, after all. It was my business line that rang this time, and as a result, […]

Scheming Weasels Calling From 516-881-1634

This may be only one of the number that these dirt bags are using, since I got a very similar call a few weeks ago from a different number. These idiots are some kind of debt consolidations outfit or something. It’s a robo-dialer with a recorded message that’s worded to make people think that their […]