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Scams Continue to Flourish in Bad Economy

It’s obvious that scam artists are opportunists and I think it’s save to presume that they are a lot like sharks that smell blood in the water more so than usual in recent years due to the lousy state of the economy. Scams come in many different flavors, and although we tend to focus a […]

‘Grandparent’ Scammers Up Their Game

The “Grandparent” scheme has been around for a while now, but according to the Better Business Bureau, the scam has been given a makeover and unfortunately, it’s one that’s likely to make it more effective. The Grandparent scam involves a scammer calling someone and claiming that they are their granddaughter or grandson. The scammer says […] Idiots Call From 206-888-2303

Perhaps regular old spam just isn’t working as well as it once did. I recently heard about a Russian mega-spammer getting arrested, so maybe it is becoming harder for shysters like the ones behind to find professional spammers to do their bidding. Well, never fear scammers and shysters! We’ve still got the trusty old […]

Integrity Financial Partners Barking Up The Wrong Tree (866-951-8055)

Ever since I decided to get my own cell phone and give the one that we shared to my wife for her exclusive use, I’ve been getting strange calls. Actually, they all end up being strange voicemail messages, since I very rarely use my cell phone. and it spends the vast majority of its time […]

‘Opinion Dynamics’ Ignoramus Calls My Home

For quite a while now, it’s been very quiet on the telemarketing front at our home. It looks like that period may be coming to an end. I realize that someone calling to do a survey is exempt from the ‘Do Not Call’ regulations, but that does not mean I want to talk to those […]

A Good Way To Quickly End Political Poll Telephone Calls?

It’s no secret that I pretty much hate telephone calls from anyone but family and friends. There are of course exceptions, doctor’s offices confirming appointments, employers, someone advising you that you won the lottery — that kind of thing. Although I dislike receiving calls from those political pollsters, I don’t dislike them as much as […]

Latest Annoying Idiots: Info Specialist (952-277-0189)

I didn’t realize how annoying unwanted calls are until I was accustomed to getting almost none of them since I signed onto the “Do Not Call” list a few years ago. It was so quiet for quite a while. This year my “friends” at CitiMortgage were most likely to blame for a bunch of telemarketing […]