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‘Grandparent’ Scammers Up Their Game

The “Grandparent” scheme has been around for a while now, but according to the Better Business Bureau, the scam has been given a makeover and unfortunately, it’s one that’s likely to make it more effective. The Grandparent scam involves a scammer calling someone and claiming that they are their granddaughter or grandson. The scammer says […]

That E-Mail Message May Not Be From Your Friend

It’s getting to the point where you can’t even trust e-mail messages from your friends – or perhaps I should say messages that appear to be from your friends. Malware that collects e-mail addresses from victim’s address books has been around a while now and it was often used to spread malware from one victim […]

Rental Scams Still Popular With Online Criminals

The type of scam I want to talk about today has been around a while, but it may be starting to pop up a bit more again lately since it is making news in places like Reno, Nevada. Here’s how it works: Some criminal (usually overseas) locates a legitimate advertisement for a rental property on […]