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Two More Pump-And-Dumpers

Here are the latest two pump-and-dump stock scam e-mail mesages I have received.

The first is for a company called Phinder Technologies, Inc. (PHDTF). I happened to check the chart to see just how hard this stock ran Monday (yesterday), and was very surprised (NOT!) to see that the only direction it ran in was down. It opened around 35 cents, dropped for a while to 31 cents and then closed back where it started at 35 cents. Wow! What a run!

PHDTF Penny Stock Scam Spam

Looks like the losers who spammed out the above garbage should have picked this stock up back around March 7 just before it ran from 19 cents to almost 45 cents. What’s the matter spamming losers, did you miss the boat?

The next one is a company called Peopleline, Inc (PLLN). They don’t talk too specifically about when this one will go, but the fact that they issuing a “Strong Buy Recommendation” is enough for me (Ha!).

I get a kick out of all the little tricks these weasels use to get you to open up their spam. This one put the first half of my e-mail address in the “Subject”. Little do they know that I look forward to receiving their garbage so I can post it here.

PLLN Penny Stock Scam Spam

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