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Voicemail Spammers Gone Wild

I’m not sure what to call this brand of annoying idiots other than “voicemail spammers.” I’m not a big cell phone user, so most of the time my phone is shut off and sitting on the shelf which causes the vast majority of calls that come in to go to voicemail. Friend and family have my home phone number, so usually when someone calls my cell phone, it’s not someone I want to talk to.

When leave the house I will most often bring my cell phone along and when I was going out a couple of days ago my phone beeped after I turned it on, indicating that I had voicemail or text messages waiting. I was a little surprised to see I had a total of five voicemail messages waiting. I had been out only a few days earlier and did not  have any voicemail messages, so it seemed like someone was anxious to get in touch with me. I had a good idea who it might be.

Today I finally got around to listening to them and of the five voicemail messages, four of them were from two voicemail spamming morons. The fifth one was just dead air, which was probably another voicemail spammer whose robo-dialer didn’t work right or something.

What was interesting was that the first voicemail spammer started out by saying something like “I’m sorry to bother you on your voicemail…”

I thought that was interesting since it suggests that the robo-dialers these idiots are using must be a bit more sophisticated now and can determine when it has reached someone’s voicemail instead of a live person.

The first ignoramus identified himself as “John Richards,” and was pitching the usual get-rich-quick crap. The website he was advertising was “” A site I would highly recommend you do not waste your time visiting. In my opinion, this character is just another get-rich-quick scam artist.

Apparently, John did not think one phone call was enough and decided to leave me another voicemail message pitching his crap again. This time the message was a little different and he (in his best contrite-sounding voice) emphasized just how sorry he was to have bothered me by leaving a message on my voicemail. Sure, John, I’m really buying that. Have you considered a career in politics?

Next up we have a woman who calls herself LeAnne, I cannot be sure of the spelling since she did not take the time to spell it out for me. She was pushing yet another worthless get-rich-quick scam called “Magnetic Millionaires.”

LeAnne did her best to convince me that this was something that would change my life for the better, but she sounded just like all the other get-rich-quick scam artists. The first time she called, she tried to convince me to call 618-355-1902 and the second time she called she changed the number to 618-355-7372.

Both of these callers had distinct southern accents, although the 618 area code serves parts of Illinois. Probably doesn’t mean much as the annoying idiots have probably signed on with some kind of get-rich-quick scheme themselves which involves calling others and trying to convince them to buy into the same scam that they bought into. That seems to be how many of these scams work.

I find this telephone spam quite annoying, and can imagine how much more annoying it is for people who keep their cell phones turned on all of the time.

I was pretty sure I had registered my cell phone number with the “Do Not Call Registry,” but was unable to find any confirmation of that so I went ahead and registered it. Hopefully that will put a stop to these idiots.

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