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‘Web Listings, Inc.’ Sends Tricky Mailing

I’ve got to say that I have never received an offer for SEO services via the U.S. Mail before. Technically, I still haven’t, but my wife has.

She received what appeared to be a letter in the mail, which, in my opinion is a bit on the deceptive side. Although they do state clearly on the letter that it is not a bill, it is designed in a way that could easily make someone believe that is.

How do I know this? Well, my wife asked me about it! She assumed it was some kind of a bill for web hosting or something. She does have some domain names that she has registered, and apparently this outfit, calling themselves “Web Listings, Inc.” pours through the whois records and sends this kind of crap out to people who have registered domain names.

It’s not the first type of mailing I have seen similar to this one, since other companies have sent us “domain renewal” letters that have been quite deceptive in the past.

As you can see from the images of the letter, it is formatted in a way that is pretty typical for bills you might get in the mail from credit card companies or perhaps even a utility company.

Basically what they are offering here are SEO, or “search engine optimization” services that are intended to influence the way search engines such as Google list your web site. The goal, of course, is to get as close to the top spot as possible when someone conducts a search for whatever it is you are selling.

Their website is full of the sales-speak I would expect from an SEO company of this caliber. Basically, it’s just a bunch of technical mumbo-jumbo that really doesn’t say a damn thing of any use. Besides the fact that we do not have a need for any SEO services right now, this “Web Listings, Inc.” would certainly not be one that I would even consider.

Their mailing has the faint aroma of deception in my personal opinion, and I suspect they are hoping that recipients of this crap just assume it is some kind of bill and simply send in a payment.

Perhaps they also make a few bucks from people who are new to the world of managing their own website, and believe that this type of service might do them some good.

There are indeed honest and reputable SEO firms out there, and if you are looking for that kind of service, feel free to use my contact form for a recommendation.

No, I don’t have an SEO business, and I am not an affiliate of any SEO businesses, so I do not stand to profit from any recommendations. I’ve just been around the internet long enough to know who the good guys are.

I could be wrong, but I’d hesitate to put “Web Listings, Inc.” in that category. I just don’t care much for their marketing techniques.

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Comment from Ciaoenrico
Posted: December 13, 2010 at 4:14 am

I just received the same letter from them! It’s amazing to me that they’re still doing this nine months after you got the same thing. Either they are raking in money from people who aren’t reading this carefully, or they’ve been duped themselves by a letter marking company themselves.

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