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Why I Dumped 1&1 Web Hosting For HostGator, Part 2

As you may recall from our first episode, I was trying to convince the “technical support” team at 1&1 Internet that one of their servers had a problem. They were quick to blame me, since it was a PHP script that was failing and they did not support user scripts.

My third call to 1&1 was indeed the charm in this case. The woman I talked to half-way around the world was more patient than her colleagues and spent some time digging into the problem. After being placed on hold a number of times, she finally realized that I was not crazy after all!

She informed me that they had indeed discovered a problem with the server that was causing my PHP script to fail. As far as I could tell, it took her a number of calls to the system administrators to get to the bottom of the problem.Web Hosting

Their acknowledgement of the problem led me to believe that the problem would soon be solved and my scripts would begin working in a short time. I was mistaken.

It took them a full three days to resolve the problem. A completely unacceptable response when there are likely to be numerous people with domains hosted on that server that were depending on it for some or all of their income.

Yeah, I can hear some of you already. If you’ve got sites that are critical to your business you should invest in a dedicated server. Well, for some of us, the cost of a dedicated server is prohibitive. When you’re building a business you simply are not able to start at the top. You have to work your way up and expand your business as your revenue allows.

I did, after all, have 1&1’s “Developer” package which was supposed to be their top-of-the-line shared hosting account. Server uptime is one thing, but a server that is technically “up,” and not working properly is nearly has bad as one that is down.

I reached a point where I realized that I really had to move all of my sites off of 1&1’s servers for good and never do business with them again.It took a bit of time and a lot of work, but all of my sites are now being hosted with other hosting companies and my 1&1 account will soon be closed for good.

Most of my sites are now hosted with HostGator with one of their VPS packages. I was a little apprehensive about using a VPS which is a “virtual” server that is really just a kind of server within a server. The great things about a VPS is that they are far less expensive than a dedicated server but give you just about the same level of control.

With a VPS I can reboot my entire virtual server, install software on it and restrict access to it which allows me to block spammers and hackers as I see fit. So far the VPS has been as reliable as the shared hosting I was signed up for at HostGator and I have closed my shared account and moved my sites to the VPS.

The support from HostGator has been very good. Since I am a newbie when it comes to managing my own server, I did run into a few problems. It was a nice to change to pick up the phone and get someone on the phone who was sitting in an office in the same country!

No more “can I put you on hold” nonsense like I had to deal with 1&1. Each time I have called 1&1, the support personnel have worked through the problem with me while I stayed on the line and was not put on hold. They are head and shoulders above the “support” at 1&1.

If you can believe it, 1&1’s billing department is as incompetent as their technical support department! My nightmare dealing with them will be the focus of part 3, which will be posted when I finally finish with them and I am confident that they are no longer able to place new charges on my credit card.

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