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Why I Dumped 1&1 Web Hosting For HostGator, The Final Chapter

As incompetent as 1&1’s technical support department was, their billing department proved that they are just as bad. I had read horror stories about 1&1 billing and had a feeling that freeing myself from their clutches might not be easy. One might suspect that 1&1 employees are all encouraged to strive to be the worst they can be.

I had looked up my latest invoice and determined when my next quarterly payment was due. Like so many other big companies, they bill in advance, so every quarter, they would charge me for 3 months for the domains I had registered with them and the accompanying hosting package.

I contacted their billing department and told them that I wanted to cancel my hosting plan. Keep in mind that this was before the next billing period started, and I made it quite clear to them that I did not want to be billed again.

My intent was to just leave a domain registration account open with them (which is free) until the rest of my domains expired and were moved to another registrar. I was told that should be no problem.

A few weeks later I got an e-mail with an invoice from 1&1 stating their intention to charge me within the next few days for the next three months of web hosting despite the fact that the hosting account has been canceled!

At this point I could see that their incompetence had no boundaries. I quickly transferred all the domains I still had registered at 1&1 to a new registrar, even though some of them were not set to expire until November of this year! That’s how badly I wanted to get away from 1&1.

Since my 1&1 account was set up to bill me through a PayPal subscription, I simply logged into PayPal and terminated the subscription agreement. That did the trick. I got a message from 1&1 a few days later informing me that they were unable to charge me.

That’s because the idiots were not supposed to be charging me, and I cut them off at the pass, so to speak.

To be sure that they reached me, and made me aware of the money that I owed them that I really didn’t owe them, they sent me a letter via Snail Mail as well. It is posted here for entertainment purposes.

After an exchange of e-mails with their “complaint” department, we reached an agreement. They claimed that the only way to resolve it was to allow them to charge me and then they would refund me. Since I had it in writing that they would issue a refund, I went ahead and agreed to go along with it. I reactivated my PayPal subscription so they could process the charge.

It took them at least a week to charge my PayPal account and a few days later the refund was issued. At that point I terminated the PayPal subscription once again since I certainly did not put it past these morons to try charging me again.

The next time I am not going to be as agreeable about the whole thing and will not allow them to charge me another penny. I’d love them to turn my account over to a collection agency for money that I don’t owe them and then find out what happens.

What is is about these collection agency threats anyway? Is that supposed to have me quaking in fear or something? If they think some idiot calling me on the phone and making bogus threats is going to intimidate me, they are barking up the wrong tree.

Since my separation from 1&1 and their seemingly endless incompetence, I have moved my hosting accounts to HostGator and so far the experience has been very positive. My technical support requests have been dealt with promptly and efficiently. So far so good.


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