Discord is afraid

Discord: Yet another platform that’s terrified of free speech

Imagine my surprise when the following email showed up yesterday:

Discord SYSTEM — Yesterday at 5:26 PM

Hello, Your account is receiving this notice due to participation in a server that violates our Community Guidelines. Specifically, Look Ahead America was engaging in activity that could disrupt or undermine the integrity of an election. This includes but is not limited to the following types of content and behaviors: * false or misleading information about the outcome of an election * false or misleading information that seeks to delegitimize the results of an election * attempts to suppress participation in an election * attempts to promote fraud in an election * attempts to prevent the implementation of an election. Please be aware of the activity taking place in the servers that you join. If you are a member of a server that is posting content in violation of our Community Guidelines, we strongly recommend that you report the content and leave, or else we may take further action on your account.

Sincerely, Discord Trust & Safety

My surprise was because I had forgotten that I had ever created a Discord account. I had not used it since around the beginning of last year when I created the account to check out some crypto currency groups that my son told me about. I don’t specifically recall this either but apparently I joined a group, or “server” as it is called on Discord, called “Look Ahead America.” That was believable since I presumed it was a conservative group that my son probably told me about and I had decided to check it out.

I never actually participated in the group called “Look Ahead America” and I probably just gave it a quick look and then forgot about it. I guess I must have had to “join” that group to find out what went on there and that, according to the Discord Overlords, must have been the crime I dared commit on their platform.

Discord is not my type of platform. It reminded me of Telegram, which I also do not care for. Both platforms are basically real-time chat rooms and following any group on either platform with even a moderate level of activity was a frustrating and seemingly impossible endeavor for me. I liken it to a digital fire hose of discourse that comes at you at the speed of light. Any attempt to actually follow along and remain current with any reasonably active group seemed like it would consume every waking moment of my time. No thanks.

When I decided that Discord was not for me I stopped using it. I left the account there in case I ever wanted to log in and check something out some day. Doubtful, but who knows?

As you can see from the message I received from “Discord Trust & Safety,” with asterisks no less (!), I am facing the terrifying possibility of “further action on my account” for merely taking a quick look at a particular group conversation. A group that seems to have been deleted since I did log into my Discord account today to see if I could find it again. It looks like they have been “cancelled” like so many other users of leftist-controlled tech platforms who dared to say something that doesn’t align with the Marxist agenda.

From what I have been able to determine, “Look Ahead America” is a group of conservative activists that is headed up by Matt Braynard, the former Director of Data and Strategy for the Trump campaign. That is really all one needs to know in order to understand why a leftist tech platform would banish them and threaten anyone who even dared to take a peek at what went on in their Discord chat group.

“Look Ahead America’s” mission appears to be informing and encouraging “rural and blue-collar patriotic Americans” to get register to vote and get educated about what is really going in in this country.

As you can see from the message I received from Discord, I’m guessing that they didn’t seem to care much for the way users were talking about the 2020 election in the “Look Ahead America” group. Perhaps they even dared to question the upcoming midterm elections next week! Since I am no longer able to access that group I can only assume that is what set off the Discord gatekeepers.

Imagine the audacity of daring to question Biden’s “81 million votes!” More even than Saint Obama received in 2008 or 2012! It must have been a divine miracle!

It’s amusing to me that the left devotes so much time and energy to silencing the opposition because that is all you really need to observe in order to reach the logical conclusion that it is they who are lying. As time goes on their lies get more outrageous and unbelievable and with that comes tremendous risk. Eventually, the lies become too obvious and too outrageous even for many life-long Democrats. But that’s one of the things I actually like about the left. They eventually overplay their hand and manage to lay bare their true motives for all to see. And that tends to scare people.

When you are on the side of the truth you do not need to censor, delete, silence and cancel those that say things you don’t agree with. You don’t need to because you have the truth on your side. You are not afraid of the truth being challenged because it’s, well, the truth.

That is usually all you need to know in order to determine when someone has the truth on their side. When the other side won’t allow them to speak. And that’s because the other side knows that they cannot defend their lies against truth. So they do the only thing they think they can do to protect their carefully-crafted artificial reality and ultimately, their power. Because that is always their ultimate goal.

I could not help but wonder if those in the upper echelons of the leftist tech hierarchy are feeling a little uneasy these days about Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter and have decided to redouble their efforts to silence the opposition.

The jury is surely still out on Musk and how Twitter may change in the near future but his talk of reinstating accounts that were shut down by the actual fascists* that were previously running that company must make them a tad uneasy. Imagine a platform with free speech! The horror!

I find the timing of this “warning” message from Discord interesting. In just four days the midterm elections take place. Could it be that fear and frustration in anticipation of a massive “Red Wave” is causing the soy bois and green-haired Hillary supporters behind the scenes at Discord to lash out at the opposition and enjoy the rush they must experience from wielding what little power they have? They know it may soon be reduced so it seems quite plausible to me.

*Fascists, as practiced by one of the most infamous fascists of all time, Benito Mussolini, believe that the state and corporate entities should cooperate to consolidate power and control over the population. The recent revelation regarding the Department of Homeland Security’s collusion with social media platforms to suppress free speech demonstrates beyond doubt who the true fascists are.






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