Why I refused the jab and how I came to distrust the medical establishment, Part 2

Apparently television commercials and other means of advertising flu shots were not having the desired effect. At least that appeared to be the case when the media decided to take things up a notch.

I wish I could recall exactly when it started but I would estimate it was about three or four years ago. I was still watching the evening “news” at the time, specifically ABC World News Tonight, when I began to notice something new. Anchorman David Muir was regularly starting his broadcast by informing his audience about how many children had died of the flu during the previous 24 hours. Surely it was flu season but I had not recalled ever seeing this kind of focus on flu deaths every evening.

It did not take too long to conclude that their was a purpose for this kind of reporting, which Muir presented with faux concern in his voice and accompanying furrowed brow of feigned concern. Clearly, the mainstream media wanted us to know this was serious and even more than that, they wanted us to be afraid.

Unfortunately for the mainstream press, we were well past the days when they were the only real source of news for just about everyone. I knew that cases of the flu were not as serious and as numerous as they were claiming because I had access to other news sources that I trusted infinitely more ABC News.

I don’t believe any report about the flu that David Muir related was without its obligatory advice to get a flu shot and since they rarely, if ever, report on anything without some agenda behind it, it became clear why they were trying to scare us with all the dire news about flu deaths. They wanted everyone to go get a flu shot. Why would that be?

I’ve already established in Part 1 that the majority of our politicians and the news media do not truly care about anyone but themselves and perhaps their friends and family. So we know with virtual certainty that they are not promoting flu shots because they are so concerned about people getting sick with the flu. When one takes a moment to consider who their most frequent and almost certainly the highest-paying advertisers are the answer begins to come into focus.

I can’t say I ever counted the number of Big Pharma commercials on during ABC World News Tonight but I know that commercials pushing their various prescription medications outnumbered all the other types of commercials easily. Could it be that it was all just about the money? Were they pushing flu shots for the benefit of their favorite advertisers? At the time, I was certain that was the case. It was all about profit I concluded.

Now, I am not so sure.

I do still believe that their motive was partly for profit but I am less certain it was only for profit. I think there are other motives involved as well.

That became clear to me when the world was introduced to Covid-19. Despite the knowledge that cheap and effective treatments were available and likely would have saved many lives, we were told that a vaccine was the only real solution and when one was developed that would put an end to the pandemic. We all know how that turned out.

While profit surely was a big part of the motive once again, that simply could not have been the only reason that the alleged “vaccines” were developed in record time and rolled out to the public. Never have we seen such a determined effort to persuade, coerce, influence and basically force people to submit to a particular medical treatment. It was clear very quickly that our leaders were desperate to get these shots into everyone’s arm as soon as possible.

Let us not forget that it is an almost a certainty that it was not being done out of genuine concern for the public. I cannot overemphasize that point. Although I do not doubt that a vanishing number of public officials and perhaps even media personalities actually do care about others, they were clearly not the ones pushing hard in an effort to convince everyone to accept a dangerous experimental injection.

There had to be another reason for all this.

I will readily admit that I was quite concerned during the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020. I was a bit worried that my family and others I care about would get sick with Covid-19 and the reports of people dying all over the world were frightening and very sad.

As “Operation Warp Speed” entered its final stages and they were nearly ready to unleash their experimental potions on the world’s population, information about these new “vaccines” began to surface. I’m not talking about rumors and “conspiracy theories.” I’m talking about information provided by the pharmaceutical companies that had developed these new treatments and were preparing to roll them out.

Since health and medicine are kind of a casual hobby for me and I like to read about things related to those subjects, I was anxious to read about these new “vaccines.” I surely did not have plans to go roll up my sleeve but I was very interested in learning about this new mRNA technology they were bragging about.

I may have not had any plans to go get jabbed at the time but when I was finally able to read about how these new experimental jabs actually worked, I would not have agreed to accept that “vaccine” even if you offered me a billion dollars. And no, I am not exaggerating.

I was somewhat stunned and outraged when I read some of the details about these new “vaccines.” Essentially, this new technology is able to hijack your own cells and program them to manufacture the spike protein, a key component of the Covid-19 virus. At the time I was unaware that the spike protein was the most damaging and dangerous part of the virus but I was still flabbergasted to think that they would design a “vaccine” that would do such a thing.

A few questions came immediately to mind. What cells in the body would produce the spike protein? All of them? Just some of them? We later learned that the intent, or at least the stated intent, was to have the “vaccine” remain localized in the general area where it was injected. Presumably, only the cells in that area would produce spike proteins with the intent of stimulating an immune response and training the immune system to recognize future exposure to the virus and react with a more rapid and robust response. That would presumably defeat the virus quickly and spare the recipient the danger of becoming sick with Covid-19.

We also later learned that the “vaccine” did not always remain localized as was intended and it tended to travel around to other parts of the body stimulating cells to produce spike proteins wherever it happened to end up.

The other burning question that came readily to mind was: How long do the body’s cells continue to produce spike proteins after the “vaccine” is injected? At that time the official answer seemed to be: “We don’t know.” If the makers of those experimental shots did know, they weren’t sharing that information at that time. Even now I am not sure what the answer is because I have heard differing opinions on the matter.

Learning about how those “vaccines” actually work was all I needed to make up my mind about them. There was no way I was going to allow that experimental poison to be injected in my body. And I could not imagine how anyone else could either. It boggled my mind. How could anyone take a chance with these brand-new experimental injections to protect them from a virus that virtually everyone survives with the exception of the very old and those with other serious medical conditions? To me it seemed like madness!

I am fortunate in the sense that both my wife and my sons both agreed. One of my sons was somewhat pressured at work to get the jab and was making plans to do so when I found out about it and talked him out of it. Fortunately, his job never actually required it and he was able to wear a mask at work for a few months instead. I have my doubts about how healthy it is to wear a mask for eight hours a day but surely would have rather see him do that!

No one in my immediate family has been jabbed with these experimental injections and for that I am extremely grateful. Unfortunately, I have a number of other relatives and friends who decided to accept the jabs. I am happy and relieved to report that none of them have suffered any serious consequences as a result. At least not yet but I am concerned about what seem to be an increasing number of “sudden deaths” I am hearing about. I suspect that if you have not heard about it, you will.

There’s no doubt that the companies that developed and distributed these new injections made vast sums of money. I have heard it reported more than once that a number of new millionaires and/or billionaires were minted in the process. Clearly, there is no doubt that profit was part of the motivation to push these jabs out to the world’s population.

I do not believe profit is the only reason. The unprecedented pressure that was applied to virtually every human on the planet to accept the Covid-19 jabs has convinced me that there are other reasons as well. Unfortunately I just do not know what those reasons are.

There is no shortage of theories about why the “powers that be” worked so hard to get everyone jabbed with these new experimental potions and some of them surely sound too far “out there” to be taken seriously but as crazy as this world has become in recent years, I am not sure I can dismiss them either!

Although reports do not seem to be making it to the mainstream news, I have been seeing ample evidence from other sources that have thoroughly convinced me that the current Covid-19 “vaccines” are dangerous at best. And those trying to share their concerns are being silenced and censored by Big Tech and particularly social media sites. And now we know that U.S. Government officials were directly pressuring social media companies to silence, censor and delete those who dared spread so-called “misinformation” or “disinformation” about the Covid-19 “vaccines.”

Again, why are they so desperate to get these jabs into everyone’s arm? And again, we know it is not with the intent of sparing anyone from serious illness or death. I know I may be starting to sound like a broken record but I think that is an incredibly important point that demonstrates quite well that there are motivations in play that are not what we might normally expect.

I have no answers regarding these unknown motivations but given the results of this world-wide effort to inject the population with experimental potions, I am quite convinced those motivations can be classified with a single word: Evil.






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